A gift set that contains a 5x8 lined journal, wrap bracelet with tourmaline, and palo santo incense sticks.
This lined journal has 128 pages and the cover says, "quiet the mind and the soul will speak".
Scout delicate gemstone wrap contains tourmaline- the stone of healing
Palo Santo kit comes in a small canvas bag with a crystal

Gift Box- Meditate Me

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A thoughtful, soulful gift for anyone who searches for moments to quiet the mind and find balance in the day to day. This gift box contains: 

  • Soft cover, lined journal with 128 pages
  • Scout wrap bracelet with Tourmaline- the stone of healing
  • Palo Santo sticks to calm and cleanse body and mind

Palo Santo is believed to ward off bad energy, aid in healing, and bring good fortune to those who burn it. Light the end of a stick and let it burn for a minute before slowly blowing out the flame. The fragranced smoke will leave a lasting scent.

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