Handmade braided black wrap bracelet has brass beads and can be worn as a wrap bracelet or necklace.
Handmade braided black wrap bracelet with silver beads can be worn as a bracelet or necklace.
Coral wrap bracelet is made from waxed cotton thread and has silver beads woven in

Threaded Wrap Bracelet

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These handmade braided wraps are fun and versatile. They are 34″ long and can be worn wrapped around your wrist four or five times as a bracelet, as a long necklace, or a doubled necklace. They have two button holes so you can adjust the size. They are made from brass beads and waxed thread. 

*The Didi Jewelry Project provides you with the opportunity to purchase unique handcrafted jewelry made by women in India who are affected by HIV/AIDS. The main goal of The Didi Jewelry Project is to provide these women with full time employment so that they are able to support themselves and their families and lead positive, confident lives.

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